5 Top hunger-bursting tricks

5 Top hunger-bursting tricks

1 Eat fibre
All fruit and veg contain fibre, but juicing strips it out-smoothies keep the fibre in, so they’re a great way to up your quota.

2 Add protein
It helps keep blood sugar steady, so you avoid spikes and falls that leave you hungry. Start the day with a poached egg or lean bacon and add beans and lentils into stews, pasta, sauces and shepherd’s pie.

3 Go slow
It can take your stomach about half an hour to register you’re full once you’ve eaten. If you make time to eat a meal at the table with someone else, you’ll be eating more slowly and likely to eat less, and give it half an hour before you think about dessert – you might not really need it.

4 Bulk up meals
High-volume foods will fill you up quickly. Popcorn is particularly great for this-10g popcorn is just 55 cals.

5 Try the new sugar
A naturally occurring sugar called oligofructose could help zap the affects of those hunger hormones. That’s because it can’t be processed by digestive enzymes. In research, people given 8g of oligofructose daily ate 10% fewer cals and had higher levels of fullness hormones in there blood. Fructo-oligosaccharide (FSO) supplements could help.


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