How can I build fitness into my holiday?

How can I build fitness into my holiday?

Unless you manage to find a gym while on your travels, keeping up the fitness momentum can be tricky. But you don’t always need equipment to do a great workout, you just need to find a way to fit a workout in around all that sunbathing and those big nights out.

Many people find that early morning exercise sessions work best on holidays, so they can hit the beach or go on trips later in the day. Eat a hand-full of nuts and a piece of fruit an hour before your workout, and drink a cup of coffee (caffeine is a good ergogenic, which means it can reduce the feeling of fatigue, the perception of how hard you,re working and even pain). Then train hard and follow it up with a nutritious protein-rich breakfast. You,ll feel amazing if you wake up and do this each day.

When choosing exercise, go for options that will work you hard for 30 minutes and keep you toned and cardiovascular fit. A quick session will leave you the whole day to take in the sights! Try running on the beach, swimming in the sea or pool or hiring a bike. Resistance exercises, such as press-ups, squats, walking up stairs or hills, lunges and planks are great too. Do cardio and resistance exercises on alternative days to keep things varied.

Finally stay hydrated with water throughout the day, the combination of alcohol and sun exposure can be more dehydrating than you realise.


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