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Knowing Your Carbohydrates 0

Knowing Your Carbohydrates

Go to a dinner party these days and you’ll probably meet both carbohydrate boosters and carbohydrate bashers. For carbohydrates have become a battleground in debates about healthy eating. They’re what you’re supposed to fill up on when you cut down on fats, says one side of the table. Or they’re what’s making Americans fat, according to the other side. Yet most people don’t really know what carbs are. Carbohydrates include all the sugars and starches we eat. Carbohydrates can be confusing because they are found in so many foods. All of the following, for example, are rich sources of carbohydrates:...

Healthy Eating and Cooking: Artificial Sweeteners vs. Sugar

Healthy Eating and Cooking: Artificial Sweeteners vs. Sugar

Learning to cook, eat and drink with less sugar is one of the most fundamental challenges in the quest for weight loss and for being healthy. The United States is one of the largest consumers of sugar and artificial sweeteners, and it is taking a toll on our health. Most Americans, sadly, have no idea what the recommended maximum amount of added dietary sugar is considered to be healthy. In a recent class that I taught, “Healthy Cooking 101: The Basics”, I outlined some of the key points on adding sugar into the daily diet and the use of artificial sweeteners. Here is a sample of what I shared… Sugar...