The Key Benefits of Exercise

The Key Benefits of Exercise

You can’t deny that Exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. It is strongly advised that you have an exercise plan. Exercise has countless benefits and advantages. It works holistically. Besides from the obvious physical aspect, it also increases your mental ability and aids in changing your emotions.
Specifically, the benefits of exercise are:

1. Increases your cardiovascular endurance
Exercise helps in increasing your cardiovascular endurance, with this your heart will pump more efficiently and your lung capacity increases better utilizing the oxygen taken in. Did you know that an athlete’s heart is the same size of a normal person’s heart but has more heart muscles? As for an athlete, they exercise regularly and that aids in building the heart muscles. Therefore, the pumping action of an athlete’s heart is very efficient compared to a non-athlete.

2. Maintains a normal weight
To maintain the weight you want you’ve got to start exercising. Actually, it is already proven that exercising regularly lowers your weight. So, if you want to lose some pounds then exercising should be part of your weight loss program.

3. Increases mental capacity
Exercising tends to increase your mental capacity because more oxygen goes to your brain that will be used by your brain cells. Getting enough oxygen into those brain cells of yours, increases your concentration and prevents you from becoming sleepy during the daytime. Exercise really benefits work involving the use of the brain.

4. Decreases stress and changes your negative moods
Getting stressed out makes you angry. To decrease these unwanted feelings, exercising after a hard day’s work can help you. Endorphins, those happy hormones, are released through exercise and when you finish you will get to feel better than before.

5. Reduces the risk of heart ailments
Through exercise your heart muscles will pump blood more efficiently. With the right pumping mechanism of your heart, it does not get stressed as easily thereby reducing the chance of having a heart attack. Your circulation also improves and that reduces the risk of having high blood pressure. Since your circulation improves, oxygen is supplied throughout your body faster.

6. Decreases the chance of having an age- related disease
You know for a fact that as you get older you are prone to diseases and some of these diseases are age- related. Osteoporosis is one age- related disease that through exercising at an early age can reduce your chances for having it, especially for women who’ve been through menopause. Start exercising at an early age to strengthen your back muscles. You may think that senility is normal as you age. Well, it is not. Your brain can and should work more efficiently as you age. Since exercise is good for brain function then it will be helpful to counteracting senility.

7. Enhances quality of sleep
Physical exercise enhances the quality of your sleep. You tend to wake- up in the morning feeling fully rested. That is why, it is commonly recommended to insomniacs to exercise regularly. The downfall of exercise for sleep is when you exercise near your bedtime or at bedtime hours. The key is to exercise 3 to 4 hours before your bedtime.

These are just a number of the benefits of exercise that you need to know to get you to start exercising. So, start having a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise.



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