Whole Fruit Vs Smoothies: Which Is Better For You?

Whole Fruit Vs Smoothies: Which Is Better For You?

Raising awareness of how healthy and helpful it is to consume as much fresh fruits and vegetables is very common in recent years and people seem to find new ways to make themselves consume as much of it as possible. Many people find convenient to make smoothies in the morning on order to take the necessary daily requirements of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables. It is indeed convenient but, a lot of them ask themselves which is a healthier option, eating whole fruit or drinking it as a smoothie?

One of the beneficial ingredients in fresh fruits and vegetables is their fiber content. Fiber considerably slows the absorption of fruit sugar. However, if you drink the fruit in a form of a smoothie the fructose increases the level of blood sugar. It also hinders the ability to break down the sugar. This adds up to the pancreas work by secretion of more insulin. Not only this process does add up to the load of work of your pancreas, but it also encourages inflammation processes, if any, in your body. Squeezing the juice from fruits is even worse. This way, all the fiber is filtered and the sugar levels increase even higher. What slows down the conversion of fruit sugar in blood sugar is the fiber. However, by making it a smoothie, the power of this incredible ingredient is destroyed. Drinking it all at once and making the whole content reach your digestive system faster makes your pancreas work even faster increasing blood sugar levels. Furthermore, chewing your fruits takes a little more time. This way the nutrients and fruit sugar reach your blood slowly and your body uses all the time to take up all the necessary vitamins and minerals from it.

Therefore, you should seriously consider whether you want to drink their smoothie in the morning all at once or make a change and eat the fruit instead. If you want to be more energized and feel much better later in the day, set your alarm clock half an hour earlier and take your time to eat your fruit in the morning. And always pack a piece of fruit in your bag. When you feel you have no energy at work, a banana or an apple can do wonders. This way you will boost your energy and you won’t feel exhausted from the loads of work. Consuming dried fruits is also a good energy booster. Consider combining dates with almonds or walnuts. You’ll be amazed of how good you’ll feel after you take this combination. Taking dried fruits with your coffee can be real energy booster. Plus, you won’t feel the need to add table sugar into your coffee.

Make an effort to try these changes and watch how much beneficial they can be for your overall physical health.


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